Sennheiser MKE-600 Shotgun Mic With Shockmount, XLR Cable And Boom Pole



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  • For Quartz Halogen or Incandescent Lamps
    Lightweight Construction
    Sliding Hand or Footswitch Rheostat
    US 3-Prong Wall Plug and Input

    This Impact D-1000 1,000W AC Dimmer Control gives you stepless 1-100% power control over your quartz halogen or incandescent light source up to 1,000W. Unlike other models, the dimmer is equipped with a 3-prong US grounded plug with heavy-gauge 6’4″ cord, as well as a 3-prong input for the light to be dimmed. The lightweight plastic D-1000 features a simple sliding rheostat control that can be operated by hand or foot.