Genaray SpectroLED Essential 240 Bi-Color LED Light



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  • The SpectroLED Essential 240 Bi-Color LED Light from Genaray is a compact light source with local dimming from 0-100%, a 60 degree flood beam angle and variable color balance from 3,200K tungsten to 5,600K daylight. Variable color means that instead of taping on filters you can creatively dial in a neutral color rendering at the daylight setting or warmer color tone similar to indoor fixtures that provides a late afternoon effect at the tungsten setting. And the color adjustments are continuous, meaning that you can dial in any light balance between. Made of a high-impact polymer, the light weighs just 2.5 lb including its yoke with 5/8″ receiver. The yoke has a handy feature that allows you to tilt it forward so that the panel can be tilted at extreme angle out of the way of the stand. The yoke is removable and you can use the provided clips to stack another panel without the yoke on top of a yoke supported unit. Up to 3 panels can be stacked. Other mounting options include two 1/4″-20 taps on the 5.8 x 11.75 x 2.1″ panel frame for customized support options with grip gear. An offset diffuser is provided to soften the light’s output. The SpectroLED Essential 240 Bi-Color is powered by the included 100-240 VAC adapter but it also has a built-in battery plate for optional Sony NP-F batteries for use when mains power is unavailable. Several lights can be daisy-chained using an optional SP-E-MLC Multi Link Cable that allows the first light in the chain to act as a Master unit that is mimicked by the connected slaves.