Partner Program

Business owners understand how integral the media business is to their own success, no matter their industry. Youthful consumers communicate more and more through visual mediums, sharing this visual media at the speed of their fingertips. Getting a positive word out about your company continues to require more and more creativity on how to capture interest through a re­posted video. Their expectations for standards also increase as the market is flushed with increasingly quality prosumer devices. Consumers expect videos to be a higher quality than they can produce themselves to gain their respect. That can lead to great expense from your bottom line.

Aeterna’s goal is to mitigate as much production cost as possible. In addition to providing rental services, we assist you by coordinating labor at market­value cost to produce your vision. We also provide post services, including editing and visual effects. We are equipped to assist in your project from inception to completion. Or if you already have your own production and post teams, opt to just take advantage of our affordable rental prices.

Step 1: Fill out a detailed scope of work. Let us know how we can help get your production up and running. That could mean providing crew, equipment, locations or all of the above.

Step 2: Complete a schedule detailing when you need your gear and crew and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

Step 3: After your paperwork is complete and you’ve customized and purchased the package that is right for you all that’s left is coming to pick up your equipment. We’ll have it all ready for you to walk out the door.