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Matthew Walker Aeterna Productions

Matthew Walker | CEO & Founder

“We’ve always found creative ways to achieve the value our clients expect. That is something I take pride in on behalf of my company.”

Mateo Hobbs

Mateo Hobbs | Director

“The magic of film isn’t special effects or explosions. It lies in the ability to change other human’s hearts and minds.”

Jessica Fritz

Jessica Fritz | Writer

Jessica Fritz is a graduate of the UCLA Film School from the first class in its history to have had more female than male students. Proud to be a part of that legacy, Jessica specializes in writing empowering stories for historically disenfranchised groups.

Brittonya Sanden

Brittonya Sanden | Editor

Brittonya Sanden has been working professionally in the editing world for over six years. As a dedicated individual with a passion for storytelling, her experience includes work on a wide variety of pieces from corporate and commercial, to music videos, narratives, and documentaries. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.